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Metal Detecting Afternoon

September 2018

A group of volunteers were able to spend an afternoon out in the sun having a try at metal-detecting with our experienced teacher.  The experience gave us a real feel for how much patience it takes to find an artefact.  We were very excited to find a 100 year old penny or a buckle even if they were planted :)    Thanks mimzy!


Conservation Live!

August 2018

It was fantastic to have a professional conservator from Wiltshire Conservation Labs Chippenham in the museum last Thursday and Friday working on our Roman coins and speaking to visitors about how the coins are conserved.  They also brought along some x-rays of the coins to view.   There was also added fun of the x-ray game run by one of our volunteers!   It was great to see so many people come by.


Open Day at Strawberry Fayre

July 2018

The Malmesbury Coin Hoard had a day out at the 31st annual Strawberry Fayre in Crudwell on Saturday the 14th – well about 60 of them.  Hundreds of people stopped by to see the Roman coins on a beautiful hot sunny day!  Volunteers had fun talking to the public about the coins and what they were doing on the project.  A good idea of how much work goes into conserving was seen by comparing the conserved coins vs the coins which are not conserved. As a bonus we got to have delicious strawberries and cream at the end of the day :)


Roman Bath Trip

June 2018

The volunteers took an  exciting trip to the Roman Baths museum where they were treated to a fascinating talk on the Beau Street Hoard, followed by a enlightening visit to the museum itself.  The newly presented East baths and the new additions to the museum displays are well worth a visit and the hoard display certainly gave us a lot to think about as to why people buried hoards.


Conservation Lab trip

May 2018

Volunteers and guests were treated to a private inside look at the Wiltshire Conservation Services labs in Chippenham. The labs have been cleaning the coins under the expert care of the conservators and they explained the process the coins are undergoing, as well as showing the group around the collections stored in the centre.


Metal Detecting exhibit

April 2018

The Malmesbury Coin Hoard metal detectorist has created a special exhibit of his finds collected from the local area over many years. The exhibit is complemented by a display on the Portable Antiquities Scheme.


Coin Hoard and Metal Detecting talk

March 2018

A popular free talk accompanied the Malmesbury History Society AGM presented by the hoard’s found, Tony Mims. His in depth talk about his life in metal detecting included the story of the coins finding and his work as a volunteer on the project.


Corinium Museum visit

January 2018

Volunteers got a chance to see another coin hoard this month, with a visit to the Corinium museum in Cirencester, where the Tetbury Coin Hoard is on display. The group was given a tour of the Roman areas in the museum before being treated to a hand-on session with many Roman objects held in the stores and not usually on display.


Christmas wrapping

December 2017

Packing and recording the coins continued in the approach to Christmas, but volunteers were treated to a small part with mince pies and tea for their efforts.