Below are just a few of the coins in the Malmesbury Coin Hoard. These images show how the coins look before they have been cleaned and preserved. Once they have been conserved, we will add new images so you can see how they looked before and after. And we’ll add more coins as the project unfolds.

  • 2015.1.242
    This coin, now covered in dirt, was minted in Trier, Germany. The popular sun god Solis is on the reverse.
  • 2015.1.224
    This unusual two-headed coin was minted in Trier, Germany and weighs 4.64 grams. While the emperor is clearly on the obverse, the reverse also unusually shows a head.
  • 2015.1.61
    This rather dark coin was minted in London and weighs 3.02 grams. You can clearly see that the coin was trimmed off-centre after being struck.