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Wiltshire Museum Loans on Display

February 2022

As part of the Romans Revealed exhibit leading up to the opening of the Malmesbury Coin Hoard in Spring 2022, Wiltshire Museum in Devizes has loaned us some of their Roman finds from the Malmesbury area.

Alex Smith talk

January 2022

Alex Smith presented an wonderful overview of the Roman Rural Settlement Project that was based at University of Reading covering Roman settlements in the area.

Romans Revealed display

December 2021

A new display – Romans Revealed – with a fantastic display of Roman find and backgound on Romans in the area.

Lyndsey Davis talk

November 2021

Lyndsey Davis presented a fantastic talk on the research behind her Falco and Flavia novels.

Women of Corinium

4 Nov 2021 – 7:30pm – FREE – online via Zoom

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What was life like for the women that lived in Corinium (Roman Cirencester)?

Join Amanda Hart, Museum Director of Corinium Museum, for a fascinating discussion based on the evidence for women and what that tells us about their lives in Britain’s second largest Roman town.