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This coin was minted in Lyon, France and weighs 4.39 grams. It shows the Emperor Constantine on the front of the coin (the obverse) and a figure of a god on the reverse.


This rather dark coin was minted in London and weighs 3.02 grams. You can clearly see that the coin was trimmed off-centre after being struck.


This unusual two-headed coin was minted in Trier, Germany and weighs 4.64 grams. While the emperor is clearly on the obverse, the reverse also unusually shows a head.


This coin, now covered in dirt, was minted in Trier, Germany. The popular sun god Solis is on the reverse.

Marc Allum Antiques Evening

25 April 2017 – Marc Allum from BBC Antiques Roadshow

BBC Antiques Roadshow expert Marc Allum will give an entertaining and informative talk about the world of art and antiques at the Town Hall in Malmesbury.  Marc will bring along some of his personal collection to share with us, and you are invited to bring along your own items for Marc to look over. So have a search around the house for that object you always wanted to know more about. (Please note that Marc will not be valuing objects).

Tickets from the museum are only £10 (including a glass of wine).

This will be a popular fund-raising event for the Malmesbury Coin Hoard project so buy your tickets early.