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Display in Chippenham

February 2020

The metal detectorist who found the hoard joined a group of metal detectorists putting on a display in Chippenham, including a number of Roman coins.


Volunteer Team Talk

January 2020

Several volunteers joined up to give a talk at the Julia and Hans Rausing Building, and everyone had a chance afterwards to look at the coins and discuss the project.


Coins Arriving for Conservation

October 2019

Here are coins arriving at the conservation lab after packaging and labelling them.  Every coin going to conservation gets individually recorded before processing.

The Jersey Hoard

September 2019

For something a little further afield from Malmesbury, here is a photo of a replica of the amazing Le Catillon II Hoard in Jersey!    This is what over 70,000 coins look like – and hidden underneath were gold torcs.   A few volunteers were fortunate enough to visit the La Hougue Bie museum in Jersey while there on holiday and had a chance to see some of this incredible find and hear about the massive effort involved in their ongoing conservation.  An inspirational visit and well worth the trip.