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Corinium Museum visit

January 2018

Volunteers got a chance to see another coin hoard this month, with a visit to the Corinium museum in Cirencester, where the Tetbury Coin Hoard is on display. The group was given a tour of the Roman areas in the museum before being treated to a hand-on session with many Roman objects held in the stores and not usually on display.


Christmas wrapping

December 2017

Packing and recording the coins continued in the approach to Christmas, but volunteers were treated to a small part with mince pies and tea for their efforts.


Neil Holbrook talks on Romans

November 2017

A packed room greated Neil Holbrook, CEO of Cotswold Archaeology, who gave a free talk sponsored by the Heritage Lottery Fund in Malmesbury Town Hall this month. Neil’s expertise and ability to communicate the fascinating period of Romans around Malmesbury and Cirencester captivated the audience.


Open day WSHC at Chippenham

October 2017

The Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre in Chippenham held an annual open day where visitors from all over Wiltshire could get a behind the scenes view of what the centre does. Coins from the hoard were on display and everyone got a chance to talk about how they are processed. Other objects from other sites, such as swords and necklaces, were also available to view, making this a very popular day.


Recording and Packaging

August 2017

Volunteers enjoy a lot of time recording, identifying, packaging and photographing the coins.  It’s a rare chance to hold an ancient Roman coin and see it up close.


Cataloguing and Condition Training

July 2017

Volunteers attended an HLF sponsored course in Malmesbury on a warm day this July to learn all about museum-standard cataloguing and documentation for coins, followed by expert tuition in condition surveying the coins. The day wrapped up with practical examples, and the attendees are ready to start their work on the conserved coins and pass on their learning to other volunteers.


Portable Antiquities Celebration

June 2017

The Portable Antiquities scheme is celebrating 20 years of Treasure this year, and Athelstan Museum is highlighting some of the objects found and recorded by the scheme that the museum has been able to acquire. The Malmesbury Coin Hoard was originally reported under the scheme and it is only through it that the museum has been able to acquire the hoard.


Conservation Lab trip

May 2017

Members of the Hankerton History group are volunteers with the Malmesbury Coin Hoard project, and they held an evening talk and display from the metal detectorist who found the hoard.  In addition to describing how he found the coins, Tony gave an overview of his metal detecting finds, many of which he brought along to the talk.